Guatemala: Tinamit
Guatemala: Tinamit

Guatemala: Tinamit

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Cooperative: Tinamit Tolimán
Region: Atitlán
Town: San Lucas Tolimán
Year Founded: 2016 (association), 2018 (cooperative)
Owner: 26 cooperative members

The Tinamit Tolimán agricultural cooperative, known as Tinamit, is a new cooperative made up of Kaqchikel coffee growers in San Lucas Tolimán, a stunning town on the shores of Lake Atitlán. These growers recognized that they were in a perfect location to grow specialty coffee and formed an organization in 2016 to market their coffees together. They formally became a coffee cooperative in 2018 - making them a new organization with great potential to continue improving quality for many years in the future!
The 26 current members work on farms from 1500 meters to 2000 meters above sea level, and they also have a small roasting operation to sell coffee locally in their small store. They have worked to branch out into quality natural and honey coffees, though washed coffee remains the majority of their production. The members pay special attention to their role in preserving the remarkable natural beauty of the lake, and strive for environmentally sustainable production.
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