Rwanda: Gitesi
Rwanda: Gitesi
Rwanda: Gitesi

Rwanda: Gitesi

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Cherry, Peach, Apricot and Green Tea.

Country: Rwanda

Origin: Gitesi, Karongi

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1750-1800

Processing: Washed

Cupping score: 87.25

Crop year: 2019


Aime is the real star of the show at Gitesi washing station, although it is a family run business and he has worked alongside his father who is greatly respected and has much experience. Aime is the younger generation, who has the energy and drive to push Gitesi’s production and infrastructure to the next level.
He's a good example of the kind of people we like to work with, and has values and work methods that we care for and try to find in producers, besides being a genuinely solid and friendly guy. He pays all his farmers a 2nd payment depending on what the parchment is sold for and thus giving the farmer a good incentive to increase the quality on the farm. Improving the soil is a good example of increasing quality. Gitesi has a project to distribute pumps and cows to farmers that have potential to threat it well and get the most out the animal.
Cow = organic fertilizer = more yield on trees if done well.
That and milk which the farmer can sell or use for better nutrition that dramatically increases the health of the farmer and his family also enabling him to work better and bring more money to his family. For these projects he also generally targets the very poor farmers that will benefit from it the most. Then there’s a rule which is if the cow happens to be or become pregnant, the calf has to go to the next farmer.