Rwanda: Gatatu
Rwanda: Gatatu

Rwanda: Gatatu

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Honey | Pecan | Cinnamon | Nectarine | Stone Fruit | Orange Juice | Spice | Medium acidity | Well balanced coffee

Origin Rwanda
Region Gatatu, Gisagara
Washing station Café de Gisagara
Fermentation Washed
Variety Bourbon
Altitude 1600-1800 m
Cupping score 86

Café de Gisagara is run by Good Neighbors, an NGO from Korea. The project began in 2014. Before the project began there was little attention given to coffee quality and little infrastructure existed. Income from the sale of the coffee by Café de Gisagara is reinvested into the region in different ways. A training farm was developed by the NGO, and a number of infrastructure investments were made, all to help improve production quality. Better farming techniques, to reverse soil degradation, are being taught. The aim of the project is to reduce poverty by helping the farmers to improve their coffee quality and the income the crop brings, but also by giving them the means by which they can do this sustainably.

The beans are typically smaller, so they develop quickly.

The southern part of Rwanda has much less incident of potato defect and this

producer's coffee is always super clean.

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